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 All of your factory service needs can be met and far exceeded right here at Lint Automotive. Call today to schedule your next 30K, 60K, 90K, and 120K mile services to keep your vehicle functioning in optimum condition.


Factory Services

Factory Service Auto repair Mission Viejo Lint Automotive

You deserve to drive a vehicle that continues to run phenomenally every day, no matter how old it may be. For this reason, we recommend scheduling regular tune ups to keep your engine performing to its most exceptional extent. During an engine tune-up service, we will scrupulously inspect your engine components and make all necessary adjustments to establish unerring engine performance in your vehicle and make it last.



Tune Up Auto repair Mission Viejo Lint Auto

Lint Automotive is here to provide all of Orange County with the most honest, reasonable, and friendly automotive repair service around. Check out our Yelp page to hear what all of our happy customers have had to say about us. Call (949) 273-3435 to schedule today! 


Auto Repair Diagnostic Lint Automotive

Automotive Repair in Mission Viejo

At Lint Automotive, your safety is our priority. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle's major components to ensure proper safety and operation standards are being met. If these standards are not being met, our professional team will readily provide the honest and affordable service you need to get your vehicle back on the road running as designed.

Lint Automotive  repair in Mission Viejo offers a wide variety of services to ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained. Call today to schedule an appointment to get your vehicle serviced. 949 273 3435. For auto repair in Mission Viejo open 6 days a week! Located at 25741 Obrero Drive Ste C Mission Viejo CA 92691.

It is imperative that a vehicle's braking system be properly maintained on a regular basis. Lint Automotive uses only the best quality parts to service your braking system. If you feel a vibration and pulsation in your pedal or steering wheel, experience an unpleasant smell coming from your vehicle, hear a squealing or grinding noise, or have a spongy brake pedal, don't wait,  call us today to have your vehicle inspected.  


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 Keep your car tuned-up and ready for the road; bring your vehicle to the highly certified and experienced automotive professionals here at Lint Automotive. You can trust that your car is in good hands with us.

Lint Auto Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection

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Regular oil changes are paramount in preserving the life of your engine. We recommend that a vehicle's engine oil and oil filter be changed approximately every 5,000 miles. This regular maintenance is sure to promote the longevity of your vehicle. 

Oil Change



Lint Auto Tune-Ups

Lint Automotive offers you a full diagnostic service to ensure that your vehicle is running to its utmost capabilities. This service includes:

- 160 point inspection
- System analysis
- Pin pointed testing
- Individual component diagnosis

Diagnostic Services